Rachel Rose

Head Boxing Coach, Kids Boxing Coach

Brief info

Rachel Rose is a qualified England Boxing Coach

She first stepped into a boxing gym at the age of 19, although she had also been diagnosed with a heart condition which meant that for the fifteen years that followed she fought with her love of the sport, whilst being constantly told she would never be signed off to get in the ring by doctors or governing bodies.

After qualifying as an England boxing coach with the highest marks in the class, she began her journey of teaching everything she had learned on her journey, physically, mentally and emotionally. She combines her love of technique with her powers of empathy, compassion and emotional understanding to create a class that impacts the physical and mental aspects of the sport.

Her empathy allows her to hold hands of women interested in the sport to create a safe space for them to try something new, allowing them to grow and evolve to overcome blockages to create a powerful winning streak.

She also works with male boxers to improve their technique, physical, mental and emotional approach.

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